The Obama administration permitted the accord allowing Starwood to manage hotels owned by the Cuban military  with a special Treasury Department license and Starwood reported it on the eve of President Obama’s March visit to Cuba. >More

9/16/16 | Washington Post | Cubans Don't Benefit from American Business-Castro Does
8/15/16 |  Liberty News Now | Is the State Department Guilty of Pay to Play in Cuba?


7/29/16 | Marti Noticias | Video de Conferencia de Prensa

7/28/16 |  WRadio | Opositores cubanaos reclaman a los hoteles Starwood

7/28/16 | Marti Noticias | Piden reunion de Starwood con opositores

2/16/17:  2:31 Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson talks about Cuba 

Asamblea De La Resistencia Cubana
​Assembly of the Cuban Resistance

September 2016: Marriott Purchases Starwood clickhere

On Thursday, July 28th, 2016, Leaders of the Cuban Exile Community along with Ivan Hernandez Carrillo of the "Coalición Sindical Independiente de Cuba" called a press conference to announce their position with regards to Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. doing business with Cuba. The complete letter is to the right along with hyperlinks to the resources referenced. 

Upon his return to Cuba from this press conference, Ivan Hernandez Carillo was brutally beaten and arrested in Cuba after being dragged on the floor at the airport in Cuba by State Security.

No Reply from Starwood to 8/9/16 Letter

8/12/16 | Judicial Watch Investigates Starwood Deal
​8/19/16 | Called CEO Office, Message Left 10:15am
8/22/16 | Called CEO Office, Confirmed Message Given, Left New Message 4:03pm

​8/24/16 | Called CEO Office, VoiceMail Left 11:19am

​8/25/16 | Called CEO Office, VoiceMail Left 5:30pm

"Starwood & Marriott :You are in partnership with our oppressors" -                                      Cubans inside the island

6/15/17 | Reuters | Marriott Statement on Cuba

6/14/17| Washington Free Beacon |   Trump Changes Could Target Marriott

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Dr. Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat (center) signing letter with Ivan Hernandez Carillo to his left joined by members of  the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance. 

 Marriott International

8/8/17| Miami Herald| Marriott International is still pursuing plans to renovate and manage the historic Hotel Inglaterra on the fringe of Old Havana and is actively looking for other hotel projects throughout Cuba >Article